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Hello WLTX,


I've posted a few possible site mockups here for you along with some notes about the site in general and each mockup. I've just worked on the the homepage so far so that we can get the primary look of the site down before venturing into the rest of the site. The links don't work yet for this reason. Also, I assumed some of the links would be changing as we go along.


Please let me know if you have any questions and what you like or don't like about any of the mockups. If you would like for me to, or if you would like to, come up with more variations/possible designs, let me know. I've pretty much stuck with two shades of blue for the most part, but if you have any other color suggestions, again let me know.


It was mentioned that you might want a dropdown menu for your site. I found free code for a javascript dropdown menu online and edited it a bit so that you can see how a dropdown menu would look on your site. The links in the menu don't work yet, they're just there as a visual for how the menu would work.




This is the first layout I tried. I used one of the colors that is currently on your site for the background. I think this layout, with the two rows of links and as many as there are, would be too 'deep' (too many links) to work very well with a horizontal dropdown menu. Less links across the top such as blue2.html has would work better.


This layout is a variation of the mockup that was faxed to me. The text, "About Us...Advertise With Us" would look as they do now, and work just like standard links in an actual working site. I haven't been able to get the javascript to let me have two separate javascript menus on each page, so I put the navigation links to the left into the menu.


This layout is another variation of the mockup that was faxed to me. I took just the nib from the logo, filled in the star and drew a black line to stand-in for ink using it as a visual separator from the main content of the page and the menu. The ink line is actually longer than the page as it is now. Just incase the content gets long enough to see the end of the line, I've given it a rounded end so it doesn't just cut off suddenly. I've also posted one of my own photographs, one my mother took in Salado last April and sent to me, to use as a stand-in for the group photo on your mockup since I couldn't find any on your current site.


This is another variation of the mockup. I gave it a blue background and white navigational links at the bottom as well as a vertical version of the logo. I couldn't get the logo to resize and look clean with no "jaggy" uneven edges on the nib and with the text being legible so I put the text in seperately from the nib graphic.


This layout is a variation of Mockup3. The differences in this version include: the blue in the subheaders and links, a thinner ink line, and a row of photos across the top of the site.

Notes Page 2