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Wendy Wheeler

About Wendy Wheeler:
Wendy's short fiction has been selected for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and has appeared in such periodicals as Analog, Aboriginal SF, Gorezone, Pandora, Dead of Night and others. She's also had work in theme anthologies like Snow White, Blood Red (recently released in French) and Silver Birch, Blood Moon and in The Crafters Parts I and II. She has taught fiction courses for the University of Texas Informal Classes for the past ten years, has co-coordinated a very successful one-day writers' workshop called DilloCon for the past seven years, and is founder of the longest running study group of the WLT. By her estimate, there are over 200 Wendy Alumni, some of whom have received major writing fellowships. She also writes screenplays and has been a reader/judge for the Austin Heart of Film Screenwriters Conference for the past four years.

Visit Wendy's Website at: http://www.wendy-wheeler.com


There are two main components that work together dynamically to make good fiction: craft and inspiration -- think of them spinning within and around each other, like the yin/yang symbol. The teachable one is craft. Many writers are in touch with their creative flow, but they question how best to put their ideas down in way that makes them into a story. In my writing classes for UT Informal Classes for the past 10 years, in workshops and writers' groups I have lead and coordinated, I've been disseminating some very understandable and very learnable points about craft. Genre stories typically have more classical structure (beginning, middle and end) than literary stories, but there are many key elements common to both.

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