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Photo of Mooney

Carmel L. Mooney

Carmel L. Mooney is a travel writer, columnist, author and radio talk show host. Her hundreds of bylines and photographs appear in national and international magazines and newspapers. She teaches seminars on writing and publishing at writers' conferences and colleges throughout the country.

When Carmel isn't at her computer you'll find her exchanging ink for free travel, dining, and entertainment at dude ranches, bed and breakfasts, resorts, theme parks, and on cruises, press trips and FAM tours.

Carmel also co-hosts the 24 year-old radio talk show, On Tour with Dave Smith, which airs one hour weekly on KJAY 1430 AM in Sacramento. On this informative and entertaining show, Carmel covers travel destinations, dining reviews, entertainment, and much more.

Visit her Website: www.moneythewriteway.com
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