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Photo of Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

Photo: Mark Mitchell (middle) wins the Maritime Literature Award for Raising La Belle.
Captain Lamb (on right) presented the award.
Mayor Will Wynn (left) declared it "Mark Mitchel Day"

Award-winning author-illustrator Mark Mitchell's third nonfiction book, Raising La Belle tells about the great French explorer Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, and how archeologists recovered his ship, the Belle from the bottom of Matagorda Bay in 1997. Begun as a City of Austin cultural contract project under the arts umbrella sponsorship of the Writers' League, Raising La Belle won the Western Writers of America Spur Award for best juvenile nonfiction - 2003 and the United States Maritime Literature Award - 2003.

Mitchell illustrates regularly for the children's history magazines Cobblestone and AppleSeeds. His writing has also appeared in American Artist, American Artist DRAWING, and American Artist WATERCOLOR, where he is a contributing editor.

Mark's workshop will demonstrate that for a writer, the human heart is a great point of view for exploring external, objective reality. Mitchell will share time saving tips for research and organization and present basic keys for making the most of language, the writer's stock-in-trade. Learn about compression of detail and the power of "leaving out" to create reader participation. Give life to your nonfiction concept with a kick-starting exercise.

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