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Michael McCann

Michael McCann is Managing Director of The Business Café (since 1995), where he works with companies nationwide on business development programs and speaks before business and social groups on issues revolving around communication (both business and personal). People who attend McCann's presentations often say he puts a humorous twist on serious themes.

His business book, Connecting with Key Decision Makers (How to Reach Hard-to-Reach Businesspeople Who Can Say "Yes") is for businesspeople seeking new business and adults seeking new employment. The techniques for both are very similar. Connecting with Key Decision Makers is revised every two years to stay current. The subject for his newest book, Husband-ry 101 (How to Train Your Husband to Be the Spouse You've Always Wanted Him to Be) is a humorous look at marital life and is the first of a four-part series.

In order to develop media "buzz" to sell Connecting and Husband-ry direct, Michael applied the techniques for business development he teaches companies nationwide to his own needs. The result: Expose Yourself (to the media).

Now with a nationwide (and current) database of magazine, radio and television contacts, Michael maintains ongoing contact with editors, producers and hosts. Michael applies the same techniques for reaching decision makers in the media that he uses for connecting with senior-level executives at corporations…no difference in the approach (but, there is a big difference in the execution).

In addition to working with working on business development programs and keeping two book series current, Michael also writes a weekly business column, The Lighter Side of Business. Every two weeks, subscribers to E-lert (Webletter) receive information on business development, customer service and interpersonal business relationships. Articles provide specific solutions to challenges people in business Michael receives from ideas readers send in.

Subscribers have raved about McCann's approach to business solutions and marriage:

"I was laughing so hard when reading the proof copy of your book, Husband-ry 101, three of my colleagues came over to find out what was so funny. The four of us went to lunch together and died laughing at your anecdotes."
Amy Wilson

"Your article, I Don't Eat Cucumbers, made me begin to think about what I was eating at business lunches. Now, I'm much more careful about what I order from the menu when entertaining prospects and customers."

"The humorous and true anecdotes you told before at our association meeting created buzz in networking events for the next two days. I heard numerous people asking Pam (association meeting planner) if you could come to our meeting in 2004."
David Harrison

"Reaching Key Decision Makers" audio tapes…I continue to listen and review and I've gotten some very good useful things from it which I am applying in my everyday work. Much appreciated." Keith Reed, Raleigh, NC

For constantly changing business articles, check: http://www.BusinessCafeOnline.com and http://www.GlobalBusinessCafe.com.

For stories on to help wives tame that beast they married, check:

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Before McCann's writing and speaking career began in 1995, he owned a nationwide telephone headset company, headquartered in Austin that repaired and sold several lines of headsets. In December of 1994, McCann sold the company and, through an editor-friend at a business newspaper, began writing a weekly column. The Lighter Side of Business column chronicled some of the challenges he had encountered from startup (of a company) to corporate sale and his teams' solutions to these challenges. Readers liked the practical advice from someone who had invested his own time and money in a growing company … the readership continues to grow. This makes editors happy.

McCann has a BBA in Marketing from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and MBA (emphasis-Accounting) from Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, Texas.

After living in a variety of cities across the U.S. during his professional career, he now enjoys residing in Raleigh, NC.

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