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Photo of Joan Upton Hall

Joan Upton Hall

Joan Upton Hall, a school teacher in a former life, is now a full-time writer. She is a frequent presenter for schools, book clubs, and community organizations as well as writers' workshops, classes, and conferences. She operates a private freelance editing service, and her manual, Rx for Your Writing Ills, along with companion booklet 50 Writers' Tips, has helped hundreds of writers.

Her "Demystifying Writers' Demons" column appears in several writer newsletters across the state, and she writes two monthly newspaper columns. She has published articles and short stories, some nationally. Since publishing the nonfiction book, Grand Old Texas Theaters That Won't Quit (Republic of Texas Press) co-authored with Stacey Hasbrook, Joan has published spin-offs from the book in Texas Highways, Brilliant, and The Elegant Texan magazines.

Historical Texas jails that have been transformed into restaurants, museums, B&Bs, etc. became the next research project. Her historical article about one of the facilities appeared in a recent issue of the American Jails Association magazine, and a publisher is considering her book proposal on the subject. In the meantime, Atriad Press signed her to compile an anthology titled Ghostly Tales from America's Jails.

Her first futuristic fantasy novel, Arturo el Rey, won first place in the Writers' League of Texas annual contest in the science fiction/fantasy/horror category and was published originally in 2003. Zumaya Publications, of Canada, then contracted with Joan to re-release this novel as the first in a trilogy titled Excalibur Regained, a new and suspenseful take on Arthurian Legend. Arturo el Rey was re-released in April, 2005, and its sequels will follow annually.

Visit Joan's website: www.JoanUptonHall.com and respond to her blog: JoanUptonHall.com/bb.htm

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