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Mickey Freiberg

Mickey "The Cowboy" Freiberg has been a literary agent with over 30 years in the business. Although he lives in Los Angeles, he represents writers and authors in both Hollywood and New York. He has sold projects to all the major studios, production companies and publishing houses.

Mr. Freiberg recently joined ACME TALENT & LITERARY AGENCY in Los Angeles after being partner in the Artists Agency for close to 20 years.

Mr. Freiberg represents such authors as Homer Hickam whose book Rocket Boys became the movie October Sky and novelist David Fisher, whose nonfiction novel Patient Number One, (written with San Francisco bay area resident Rick Murdock) was optioned by Alcon Entertainment (The Affair Of The Necklace with Hilary Swank) for producer Rudy Langlais (The Hurricane with Denzel Washington). Mr. Freiberg recently sold David Fisher's The War Magician, a 1983 book based on a true World War II story, was optioned by Paramount Pictures to star Tom Cruise.

Along with Frank Weimann of the Literary Group in New York, Freiberg represents author James Bradley and his historical epic Flags Of Our Fathers, published last year, for which the feature film rights were optioned by DreamWorks; Terry Bradshaw's upcoming autobiography, which he is writing with David Fisher; Mike Kersjes d Joe Laden's upcoming nonfiction book Einstein's Children; author Bill Bonanno (Bound By Honor: A Mafioso's Story); Britney Spears' autobiography, Heart To Heart, which she wrote with her mother; and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Hurd's upcoming nonfiction book tentatively titled Wars He Fought; Lessons In Heroism From A Childhood Friend, about the World War II experiences of Leonard "Smitty" Smith, who belonged to the 761st Tank Battalion, the first all-black combat unit to see action during the war, and faced a battlefield of race hatred.

Feature film-wise, Mr. Freiberg represents veteran screenwriter Budd Shulberg (On the Waterfront with Marlon Brandon), who with sportswriter/boxing historian Bert Randolph Sugar and director Spike Lee is writing a film about boxing legend Joe Louis.

Recently, Mr. Freiberg sold Hard Look an action crime-thriller spec script by bartender-turned first time screenwriter Christopher Dean Johnston.

He also represents screenwriter-producer David Chrisholm, who is writing a script for Casey Silver's Gone Fishin' Prods. And Universal Pictures about the life of former Corcoran State Prison guard Richard Caruso.

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