I thought I'd give you a place to see pages I've worked on. I haven't linked them all together, I'm just getting content laid out for now. A few links are linked to the pages currently on the site (such as some of the star instructor pages on the Events and Classes and Workshops pages). Some of these longer pages may get broken up into more pages so the scrolling doesn't go on forever. For instance, the Calendar page came out to 9 pages when I printed it. I also noticed a few page titles didn't get changed over as I created the pages from the templates. This is still a rough draft of sorts though. :-)




This is the same page I showed you on the notes pages with the different layouts I mocked up for the site.

This layout is a variation of the mockup3b, the one with the photos across the top in a row. I changed the address to a single line under the photos. The email address made the line too long and it wrapped around to another line so I thought we could just put it under Contact Us.


As of May 16, 2005 I have posted these pages for you to see:



Added May 25, 2005, Star Instructors: