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  Pre-Conference Workshops

A. Pitching Your Book with Linda Rohrbough
B. Nonfiction Writing and the Commercial Book Proposal with Tanya McKinnon
C. So You Want to Get Published with Russ Hall
D. Book It, Promote It, Sell It! with Julie Wilson and Erin Kelly

Pitching Your Book with Linda Rohrbough THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT!
Linda will cover how to pitch in person and how to pitch via mail (or e-mail) i.e., via the query letter. She'll cover the background work: how to write a log line, how to write a synopsis, and how to know your book's theme. For pitching in person, she explains dressing for success, what to have with you and what not to have with you, talking about your book in a way that's compelling to an editor or agent, practicing your pitch and what to expect. When pitching by mail, Linda presents what a successful query letter contains, the time line, tricks and tips the pros use, and preparing for success. Be ready to see examples of successful pitches Linda and other authors have presented both verbally and in writing. If desired, Linda will work on individual pitches. Linda Rohrbough has been writing professionally since 1989 and has more than 5,000 articles as well as five books to her credit. She has won three national awards for her work. Visit her website www.PCbios.com

Nonfiction Writing and the Commercial Book Proposal with Tanya McKinnon THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO INSTRUCTOR FAMILY ILLNESS
Tanya McKinnon is a literary agent at Mary Evans, Inc., in New York City. Her workshop will help professional writers, who are looking to be published, better understand both the publishing marketplace and what publishers look for in a "big" (i.e., highly commercial) project. You will explore how to put together an irresistible solicitation package, how to look for an agent (and what agents are looking for) and what a finished proposal should contain before it goes to a publisher.

So You Want to Get Published with Russ Hall
How do you know when you're ready to get published? Should you turn to a book doctor? Are you supposed to market your own book? Should you hire a publicist? What kind of press is best -- small, independent or mainstream? Is it a good idea to join an association? There's a lot to learn about getting published. Find answers to these and other questions, such as, Do you really need an agent? and Should you sign with an agent who charges a fee? Russ Hall's eighth and ninth books will be released in 2005: Black Like Blood, a mystery, marking the return of feisty reluctant detective Esbeth, and a western, Bent Red Moon, involving the lost San Saba mine and characters adrift in Texas Hill Country during the tail end of the Comanche days.

Book It, Promote It, Sell It! with Julie Wilson and Erin Kelly
Julie Wilson and Erin Kelly are event coordinators for the largest bookstore in Texas -- BookPeople. BookPeople of Austin, TX, is this year's Publishers Weekly Bookseller of the Year. They will receive their award in a presentation as part of the American Booksellers Association's Celebration of Bookselling at the end of the first day of BookExpo America, June 3. Wondering how to get your book into the big bookstores? Tired of doing the same ol' booksignings? Want to make your booksigning an event? If you're looking for the inside secrets on how you can get people to come to your book event, buy your book, and thus make the bookstore love you, then this is the workshop for you.
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